Our services consist of legal consultation, drawing up and reviewing different types of legal documents, and assisting our customers before different authorities and courts.

Our fields of specialization are the following:

Labour law

  • matters relating to employment contracts and collective agreements

Contract law, company law, tax law and law relating to copyrights, copyrights of design and trademarks

  • assisting musicians, designers, artists and other creative industry professionals
  • assisting small and medium sized businesses in every legal field. We also provide outsourced legal services with fixed prices

Immigration and asylum law

  • matters and appeals including residence permits, asylum cases, nationality and visa-issues for private individuals and employers

Family and inheritance law

  • prenuptial agreements, testaments, estate inventory deeds, estate distributions, estate tax planning

Communications law and freedom of speech issues

  • e.g. legal assistance relating to mass media and social media

Criminal law

  • representing suspects, defendants and plaintiffs in police investigations and in court


We chart your need for legal assistance free of charge. We also find out on your behalf whether you are entitled to legal aid paid for by the state or your legal expenses insurance.


Our normal charge is 248–372 euros per hour. Our prices include value added tax of 24 %.


The price of our commission is determined by urgency, degree of difficulty and whether the client is a private or legal person. Great financial interest in the matter also affects our price. Whenever circumstances allow, we give you an offer of the total price of our assignment in advance.


For social reasons we can reduce the price of commission.